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Many people are surprised to discover that chiropractic is not just about stopping pain. Just as the nerves that sense pain can be pinched and irritated, so can the nerves which feed information to your vital organs.

In an article published in Journal of Human Hypertension, May, 2007, a group of MDs from Rush University Hypertension Center, Chicago, IL studied 25 patients with hypertension who received a chiropractic adjustment, comparing them to 25 who received a sham adjustment. The group with the real adjustment saw their blood pressure decrease by 15 points for the systolic (high number) and 8 points for the diastolic (low number)

This is a very good result, about equal to what patients would get with 2 drug therapies. Both groups had people who were chosen for needing chiropractic, so overall results are probably a bit lower, but this study show the power of chiropractic to affect all areas of your life, and not just back and neck pain. If you would like to see a report from ABC News this study, click on this link.