Dr. Peter Andree
703 Woodside Rd. #3
Redwood City, CA 94061
(650) 367-1534

What if I can’t afford treatment?

I know what it is like when problems pile up and you have both health and financial problems. I have very reasonable fees. If you can’t handle my fees right now, we will work out a payment plan.

In addition, my initial exam is on a trial basis. If I don’t feel that I can help you, there is no charge. If you hear my report of findings and do not want for me to be your treating doctor, there is no charge. Not every doctor is right for every patient, and if you don’t like anything about me, my office, or the way I do business, we will shake hands, I will advise you on other doctors you might want to consult, and I will wish you the best with no hard feelings. You don’t often see this with doctors, but it’s the way I do business.