Dr. Peter Andree
703 Woodside Rd. #3
Redwood City, CA 94061
(650) 367-1534

peter andreeWhat I Believe

I believe that if you are in pain, your doctor should focus on that pain first. Because I focus on pain and attack it from many angles, most of my patients have a reduction of pain after the first treatment, often by 25-50 percent.

I believe that once you are out of pain, your doctor should focus on making your body work better. Just as you can be a little bit sick or very sick, I believe that you can be a little bit healthy, or very healthy. I work hard to find and fix structural and central nervous system problems that can sap your energy and make your life less than it could be. I want you to be the most vibrant and healthy person possible.

I believe in working with each patient to reach their health goals, not mine. Some patients only want to get out of pain, but some also want to improve their strength, flexibility, function, and overall health. Not every problem can be fixed. After your initial exam, we will discuss what I think can be done and what your goals are. I can’t help every patient, but if I think I can help you and I agree to accept you as a patient, we will agree on a treatment plan that meets your goals, comfort level and finances.

I believe in the power of the body to heal itself when we remove interference. My treatments are designed to remove interference with your central nervous system, and release your body’s natural power to heal.

I believe that many health problems are complex, and call for a multifaceted treatment plan. Traditional Chinese doctors call this “surrounding the dragon.” Like all chiropractors, I will work on aligning your spine and other joints to make your structure and nervous system work better. I also test individual muscles for balance, and use applied kinesiology and other techniques to balance the muscle system, taking strain off of the joints. I use acupressure, nutrition, treatment of myo-facial trigger points, physiotherapy, and a variety of other techniques. Patients are all different, and the physical, emotional, and biochemical all affect each other. I don’t have one standard approach, but I do my best to find out what will help each patient.

I believe it is better to prevent problems than to treat them. I offer an affordable maintenance plan to help prevent future injuries.

I believe that you shouldn’t have to wait a long time for your doctor. I work hard to schedule realistically, and I respect my patients' time. If you are on time for an appointment, and have to wait more than 15 minutes past your appointment time, I will pay you $20 on the spot for your wasted time.

I believe that health care has become too expensive. A friend of mine was in the hospital for 3 days, and the bill was over $40,000. This is way out of hand! I have kept my fees very reasonable, and I have discounts for people needing frequent visits for rehabilitation. Finances should not prevent you from getting the care you need.

I believe it should be convenient to see your doctor. I offer lunch and after work appointments. If you are in pain, I can usually see you the same or next day.

I believe that a degree is the start of a doctor’s learning, not the end. The state only requires chiropractors to take one weekend of postgraduate education per year to renew their license. I think that human knowledge is expanding too fast for that. I take five to ten seminars per year, in addition to reading books and journals. I also think that experience counts, and it is good for your doctor to have a little gray in their hair.